April 24, 2014: The comeback kid

Goal: to begin running again; to test out the shoulder in advance of the first session of In-Training for Peachtree

The shoulder is healing nicely.  At the followup visit with the orthopedic physician last week, the doctor told me that I did not need to wear the sling all of the time, just when I needed support and/or protection, particularly in crowds.  Since that time I've gradually increased using the right arm.  With every passing day, my range of motion is improving and the pain is diminishing.  The bruises on my shoulder and upper arm are just now beginning to fade.  Today I could even shave and brush my hair with my right hand.

I cautiously began jogging again last Sunday.  I took one cautious, slow jog around the asphalt trail at Lucky Shoals Park (2.0 km), without significant pain, although I was careful not to pump my arms very much while running.  I was nervous about taking the first few running steps, and was tremendously relieved upon finding that I could run (at least jog) without any additional pain.  I probably could have gone farther, but had resolved not to overdo it on the first day.

Tuesday morning I took two laps (3.5 km).  I noticed a little pain on the downhill sections, probably from holding back my shoulders for balance, but no pain at all going uphill.  And this morning (Thursday) I ran three laps (5.2 km), without much pain or difficulty.  I did take it fairly slowly, 6:27 minutes per km (10:24 minutes per mile), but it felt good to complete a 5K run.  I'm back!

Hopefully I haven't lost too much conditioning, but I'm delighted that I'm ready for the first Peachtree-In-Training session this Saturday morning.  I'm looking forward to learning more about improving my technique, and relieved that I won't have to start out with the walking group in the first weeks.  Our first session will be a 25-minute run, so I definitely will be able to do that, hopefully covering about 4 km.

Goal: to begin running again: Achieved!

 to test out the shoulder in advance of the first session of In-Training for Peachtree: Passed! 

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